Restaurant Awnings

Peterson Canvas & Awning is the best choice for durable restaurant awnings in the state of Colorado. We have several awning and canopy options to choose from to help enhance your restaurant. Restaurant awnings have several benefits which includes:

  • Increasing street visibility
  • Creating a positive first impression
  • Giving your business charm and charisma

Signage is another key element that can  enhance the visibility of your restaurant. Peterson Canvas & Awning offers custom designed graphics/lettering to your awning that will provide instant recognition for your business. The options to choose from include:

  • Silkscreening
  • Applique

With so many awning styles to choose from, it is important to make your restaurant stand out. Since all restaurants have different values and looks we have a number of different awnings to choose from including:

  • Retractable Awnings
  • Pull-Up Awnings
  • Roller Shades
  • Solar Shades/Vertical Drops
  • Metal Awnings

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Stand out from the crowd with a custom store front awning.

Enhance & Protect entrances and walkways
Protect your display items from harmful sunlight
Add a logo or custom design
Dozens of colors fabrics to choose